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2012 - epilepsy news archive

News articles by Epilepsy Society from 2012.


Paul Burstow challenges government to show how the UK compares with other European countries in addressing the level of avoidable epilepsy mortality. 

Ground breaking Gamma Knife radiosurgery could soon be considered for some people with epilepsy.

Periodic fasting could help reduce seizures in children with epilepsy who are  following the ketogenic diet, say researchers in the US.

Thousands of  people with a disability, including those with epilepsy, could see their benefits axed or cut in the next three years, the Government said today.

A joint project to create the first ever ‘national’ epilepsy specialist nurse has been announced by Neurological Commissioning Support. 

Epilepsy Society is asking people throughout the UK to sign a government petition supporting its campaign to make bus travel fairer for people with a disability.

Specific fatty acids with anti-epileptic effects may have the potential to help control seizures in adults and children, say experts.

Government stresses commitment to bringing about change for people with neurological conditions.

An alphabetical list of epilepsy terms and meanings.