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Are you a woman or girl under the age of 50 with epilepsy?

In conjunction with Epilepsy Action and Young Epilepsy, we've launched a survey to find out whether women and girls of childbearing age are receiving the right information about sodium valproate and how aware women are of the potential risks around the epilepsy drug, if taken during pregnancy.

Take part in our survey to provide vital information

Data from the survey will be presented to a public hearing into sodium valproate being held in London by the European Medicines Agency on 26 September. By taking part in our survey you can help provide vital information for this public hearing and be an integral part of the outcome of this case.

The public hearing into sodium valproate will be held on 26 September

Michelle Hackett and family

"It is terrible to be given a drug for a severe illness and not be told about the side effects"

In this personal story Michelle discusses having her second baby, Stephen, while taking sodium valproate and her fury at not being told about the side effects of the epilepsy drug.