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5 November 2014

Ask your pharmacist week

People with epilepsy are being urged to make friends with their chemist during  ‘ask your pharmacist week’ ( 10 -16 November). To mark the occasion Epilepsy Society is holding a web chat with pharmacist Dr Trudy Thomas from the Medway School of Pharmacy. Trudy will be live online between noon and 1pm on Wednesday 12 November to answer questions about epilepsy and anti-epileptic drugs.

Post questions

Questions can be posted for Trudy on our forum – and she will answer as many as she can during the live session. Please be aware, it will not be possible for her to answer specific questions about individual medication.

Please note, the webchat is now closed. 

Epilepsy Society's pharmacist, Eisha Gosrani is also keen for people with epilepsy to make the most of their pharmacists. She said that although community pharmacists still perform a traditional dispensing role, they are also able to offer people many other services.