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19 August 2015

Bea is a dog in a million

Luke Berry's chocolate Labrador, Bea, is only 22 months old but already she has changed Luke's life - and she has an award to prove it. Luke is 17 and his epilepsy means that he can have as many as 50 seizures a night plus multiple seizures during the day. For two years he was unable to go to school and hardly left the house.


Luke Berry and his Labrador, Bea
Picture by Dominic Parkes, Pets at Home

Luke's family decided to get Bea as a companion for Luke, but since her arrival at eight weeks old, she has proved to be more than Luke's best friend.

Bea has beaten 400 other entrants nationwide to win the My Pet Pals Life Changing Pet Award through Pets at Home and she has a certificate to show for it.

Luke's mum, Liz Kemsley explains: 'Bea has quickly come to understand Luke's seizures and is always at his side. If ever he needs help due to a seizure, she will bark to let us know.This is particularly reassuring at night when she sleeps beside his bed.

'When Bea was six months old, she and Luke were separated for eight weeks while he was in hospital but the staff allowed her to visit at weekends. The first time she visited, Luke started to have a seizure and she jumped up onto his bed and just lay by his side. The nurses were in tears.'

Life-changing dog

Now Bea has won the life-changing pet award at Pets at Home and has a certificate which was presented at the Chichester store.

'We were all really surprised and thrilled when we heard the news,' continued Liz, 'but it is well deserved. Bea is a dog in a million and has really changed Luke's life with her companionship and protection. He now has the confidence to go out with friends and enjoy himself. He has been off paintballing and camping. As long as Bea is there, we know Luke will be safe.'

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