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9 November 2015

The bravest of brain surgery boys

Our picture shows the first time these two young lads, Charlie and Jay, met their brain surgeons following surgery for epilepsy.

Six-year-old Charlie Malcolm, left, is sitting alongside consultant paediatric neurosurgeon, Mr Michael Carter, after undergoing a mesial temporal lobe resection at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

His very grateful mum, Fiona Malcolm, said:

This has changed Charlie's life. Since that day he has  been completely seizure free for 16 weeks.

Nine-year-old Jay,  right, is standing alongside consultant paediatric neurosurgeon, Mr Shungu Ushewokunze, after an operation for frontal focal cortical dysplasia at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Said his delighted mum, Gillian Hughes:

Mr Ushewokunze has transformed Jay's whole world. He is now seizure free and his  behaviour and sleeping pattern have improved beyond anything we ever hoped. This has had a magnificent impact on our family.

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