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20 September 2013

Changes to Epanutin - phenytoin - capsules

The following information relates to Epanutin capsules only. It does not apply to Epanutin infatabs or oral suspension – these will not change.

From 24 September 2012 phenytoin (current brand name Epanutin) is being transferred from one pharmaceutical company (Pfizer) to another (Flynn Pharma ltd).

The capsules will be called ‘Phenytoin Sodium Flynn’ or (‘Phenytoin Sodium Flynn Hard Capsules’ to give it its full name).

This change means that Epanutin capsules will no longer be produced by Pfizer. However, the pharmaceutical company Flynn Pharma Ltd will be producing phenytoin (also called phenytoin sodium) capsules (although they will  not be called Epanutin any more).

What does this mean?

If you take Epanutin (phenytoin) capsules you will still be able to get this medication on prescription. The change just means that the capsules will be available from Flynn Pharma under a different name: ‘Phenytoin Sodium Flynn Hard Capsules’.

Will the capsules be the same as Epanutin?

Yes. The new capsules will be exactly the same as Epanutin. The only thing that is changing is the name.

The capsules will not differ in any way: they will contain the same ingredients and be prepared and packaged in the same way. They will also be made in the same manufacturing warehouse. To reassure you that the capsules are the same as Epanutin, they will look the same – the same size and colour, even down to the word ‘Epanutin’ on the capsule itself.

The capsules will be available in all the same sizes as Epanutin: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg and 300mg.

So what is changing?

The bottles and packages that Epanutin comes in will look slightly different once the capsules are produced as ‘Phenytoin Sodium Flynn’.  As Pfizer will no longer be selling them, the packaging will not say ‘Epanutin’ on it. So, rather than saying ‘Epanutin capsules Phenytoin sodium’, they will say ‘Phenytoin Sodium Flynn Hard Capsules’

The main changes to the packaging are:

  • The name of the drug on the bottle or box
  • The name of the drug company (which will say ‘Flynn Pharma Ltd’ instead of ‘Pfizer’).

The packaging will continue to have the recognisable dark and light blue bands on a white background.

To start with, the 25mg, 50mg and 100mg capsules will be available in plastic bottles (the same size and shape as Epanutin). In the future, the plastic bottles will come within a cardboard box. The 300mg capsules will continue to be available in blister packs within a cardboard box.

Epanutin infatabs and oral suspension

These will continue to be made by Pfizer.

If you currently take Epanutin and you have any questions, you can contact Flynn Pharma’s freephone helpline on 0800 077 8566 (open during office hours, with an answerphone outside of these hours).

18 September 2012