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19 August 2014

Does living with epilepsy mean you face extra costs?

Epilepsy Society is gathering information on the cost of living with epilepsy for a year-long independent inquiry to explore the extra costs faced by disabled people and families with disabled children in England and Wales. We'd like to take part in this inquiry on behalf of people with epilepsy by including real messages from people who have the condition.


If you would like to share your experiences please send your answers to the questions below to

  • Are you sometimes charged more for products such as travel insurance or car insurance because you have epilepsy?
  • Perhaps you have to pay more for transport because you do not drive or have additional travel costs from attending hospital appointments?
  • Maybe you have to buy extra equipment such as seizure alarms, medical jewellery, special kitchen equipment or safety pillows?
  • Do you have extra costs due to repeated damage to your teeth or glasses due to falls during seizures?
  • What is the impact of the additional costs to you?

Epilepsy Society will send your responses to the Extra Costs Commission (opens new window) to highlight the extra costs people with epilepsy encounter. This information will be used to influence Government and other decision makers to address the extra costs faced by disabled people.