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16 September 2015

EpiPGX symposium on genetic response to epilepsy drugs

Looking at the way a person's genes affect their response to anti-epileptic drugs is a key area of research for EpiPGX, a multi-centre European consortium. On 14 October, key investigators including Epilepsy Society's director of clinical genetics, Professor Sanjay Sisodiya, will be presenting the group's latest findings and research.

The landmark symposium will be held at the Institute of Education, University College London and the consortium is hoping that other researchers will join them to hear about progress.

Researchers will be talking about the role of genetics in influencing a person's response to medication and how they hope this will eventually contribute to delivering personalised medicine, or the right drug at the right dose from the point of diagnosis. The work is funded through the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme.

The symposium is free although places are limited. You can reserve your place here

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