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29 September 2014

Epilepsy Society conference a huge success

Strategies for coping with memory problems and tips on how to make the most of your pharmacist were covered at Epilepsy Society's annual conference in London on Saturday (27 September).

More than 200 people  from around the UK attended the conference, held in  Regent's Park Holiday Inn. Epilepsy experts spoke on a variety of issues which affect people with epilepsy. 'Fabulously informative' was one phrase used by a delegate to describe the event.

Professor Ley Sander, the charity's medical director gave an insight into the advances in Epilepsy Society's research, specifically genetics research, while Dr Andrew McEvoy, consultant neurosurgeon at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, spoke about new surgical treatments for epilepsy.

Ways to help cope with memory problems were covered by Dr Sallie Baxendale, Epilepsy Society's consultant neuropsychologist, while  Dr Trudy Thomas, director of taught graduate studies at Medway School of Pharmacy, stressed the importance and benefits  of getting to know your pharmacist. The conference ended with a look at epilepsy, anxiety and depression, during a talk given by Dr Cherilyn McKay, Epilepsy Society's specialist clinical psychologist. 

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