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18 September 2015

Epilepsy passport for children

Children with epilepsy can now have their own passport recording up-to-date information about their condition. The innovative epilepsy passport has been developed by the RCPCH (Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) and is designed to ensure that parents do not have to repeat their child's epilepsy history at every medical visit.


Children with epilepsy will be able to carry the passport with them so that it can also be shared in the case of an emergency.

The passport was launched in Westminster today (18 September). Juliet Ashton, national nurse consultant at Epilepsy Society welcomed the new tool which she said could help to transform epilepsy care for children.

'Anything that improves communication and speeds up treatment has got to be good news,' she said.

The epilepsy passport includes:

  • information on the type of seizures and epilepsy the child has
  • the medications they are receiving
  • what their ‘rescue medication’ is and which medications should be avoided 
  • the clinicians leading their care
  • the child’s emergency care plan.

Download the epilepsy passport

You can request an epilepsy passport wallet here or at your epilepsy clinic.