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18 August 2012

Epistatus (buccal midazolam) - changes to syringe

Emergency medication Epistatus (buccal midazolam), is going through further changes to the syringe. This applies to the version which you draw up from a bottle. It does not apply to the pre-filled syringes.

From September 2012, the 1ml syringes will have a tip with a straight edge (a ‘non-luer’ tip). This will fit into the hole (the bottle adaptor) in the top of the bottle as before.

The packs containing this new syringe and bottle adaptor will have yellow and black writing on the packaging stating 'This pack contains 1ml syringes without luer tip.'

You can continue to use the Epistatus syringe with a narrow end if you currently have that, but they will no longer be produced, to avoid confusion. Always use the syringe with the bottle it comes with.

Whatever type or dose of Epistatus syringe you are using, take care to only draw up the dose the person needs as written in their protocol or care plan. For example, if the dose they need is 1ml, draw up the plunger fully to the 1ml mark, rather than relying on the plunger stop.

If you have any queries you can seek advice from your pharmacist.


The new Epistatus 1ml syringes have a tip with a straight edge


An Epistatus syringe with a tip with a narrow end (a ‘luer tip’).
These are being discontinued.