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18 November 2013

Looking after yourself with epilepsy

Epilepsy Society is supporting Self Care Week 2013 which begins today (18 November) and looks at understanding your health and taking measures to stay well. This year's theme is  'Self Care for Life – Take Control'. 

Epilepsy Society's head of psychology Dr Pam Thompson said: 'Epilepsy is a condition which can make people feel out of control. Seizures can happen at any time and any place,  this uncertainty can easily lead to feelings of helplessness and low self esteem.

'Because epilepsy is such an individual condition, knowing how to manage the condition and  its impact can be empowering and lead to improved physical health, mental wellbeing and self esteem.'

Epilepsy Society's magazine Epilepsy Review explores many issues surrounding epilepsy and ways in which people can cope or deal with them. 
Find out more about managing your health in the articles below. Or find out how you can receive regular copies of our magazine

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