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05 July 2016

DJ Chelsea Leyland to host yoga event to raise awareness of epilepsy

British-born actress, DJ and model Chelsea Leyland is hosting a yoga practice for 100 people in Manhattan, New York, to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Chelsea will DJ live while sitting on the floor during the event on 7 July in the High Line Hotel's beautiful converted church space to "add some spin to a regular yoga class".


Chelsea, who has Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME), has designed a unitard in collaboration with lifestyle brand Live The Process with embroidered artwork by British artist Zoe Buckman.  The unitard will be sold exclusively on with a percentage of profits donated to Epilepsy Society.  Chelsea's sister, Tamsin, who also has epilepsy, lives at Epilepsy Society's Chalfont Centre.

Yoga and epilepsy

Chelsea said of the event: " Yoga has really helped me to lower my anxiety around epilepsy.  I had a fear of doing everyday things but yoga and meditation has calmed that.

Epilepsy advocate

"I didn't just want to host another dinner charity event.  I wanted it to be unrelated to the events I usually attend and to have more substance.  I'm at the start of my journey as an epilepsy advocate and I just want to encourage people to speak in a vulnerable way.  I'm using my platform and relationships to speak up about epilepsy."


Epilepsy helpline 

Our confidential helpline is for anyone in the UK affected by epilepsy.

Call: 01494 601 400 (national call rate)
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