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9 March 2016

England's only epilepsy specialist midwife honoured as Midwife of the Year 2016

Kim Morley, the only epilepsy specialist midwife in England, has been named the Emma's Diary Mums' Midwife of the Year 2016 at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Annual Midwifery Awards.

The award ceremony last night was hosted by BBC journalist Kim Silverton at The Brewery, East London.

Kim was nominated for the award by Clair Cobbold, as a thank you for Ms Morley's help with the birth of her second child. Clair has temporal lobe epilepsy.

Kim holds an epilepsy clinic for women once a week at Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester empowering  women with epilepsy to optimise their health, treatment and lifestyle before they conceive.  She continues to offer support through pregnancy to motherhood as an addition to other midwifery and obstetric care.  

Clair and her husband Rich, were so traumatised by the experience of their daughter Riley's birth that they were considering adoption for their second child.

It was only when the couple talked to Kim that they felt confident that, even with Clair's epilepsy, they could have a safe and successful natural birth.

"I chatted to Kim.  It was great, she let us both cry for the first time since the birth and gave us the hope that it could be different the second time around", said Clair.

Clair met Kim two or three times after she became pregnant for the second time.  Kim wrote the care plan and asked the hospital not to over-medicalise the delivery.

Clair said: "I felt like I could be treated like a normal woman.  I had most of my labour at home and was able to relax.  I felt in control of my care and like I had more choices.  Kim had helped me to make more informed decisions about my own care."

Benjamin was born in October 2015 in what Clair calls a "really really positive birth experience".

Emma's Diary, the UK?s favourite parenting club for expectant and new mums, received a record 671 nominations from mums across the UK.