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01 June 2016

Epilepsy Society congratulates Wayne Woodward on Britain’s Got Talent final performance after seizure

Epilepsy Society would like to congratulate Wayne Woodward on his Britain’s Got Talent success and wish him well after he had a seizure.

The 20-year- old (pictured courtesy of his sister, Mazine Woodward) had just sung Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life at last Monday’s semi-final when he collapsed backstage.

Adrenaline crash

The collapse was originally reported as a faint due to an “adrenaline crash”, but the singer has since confirmed he had a seizure.

Wayne described the moment, saying: “I don’t remember any of it because I was unconscious, but people told me I started staggering in circles a few times, almost as if I was following a fly. Then I hit the floor.

"I was foaming at the mouth"

“At first people thought I was just mucking about, as if to say, ‘phwoar, I’m glad that’s over’.

“Luckily there was a paramedic nearby who realised it was serious and he put me on one side. I was foaming at the mouth.


“When I came round I was sat on a chair with loads of people crowded around me. I thought I was doing another interview for the cameras, but they were checking my blood pressure and pricking my finger to check my blood sugar levels. It was scary.”

"Nobody knows what caused it.  It's just how some of us are built."

Wayne was taken to hospital as a precaution, and told the Mirror: “The doctor said it was nothing to do with alcohol or sleep deprivation or anything like that. Nobody knows what caused it. It’s just how some of us are built.

Elton John inspiration

“Then I did some research online and found out that Elton John suffered from epileptic seizures. That made me feel better. Hopefully I can keep on singing if I manage it properly.”

Wayne went on to perform at Saturday night’s final, where he was beaten to the winning spot by magician Richard Jones.  

His sister Maxine said: "He's the most impressive person I know and I'm more proud than words can say."

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