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16 March 2016

Father with epilepsy hails daughter a 'hero' for saving his life for the second time


George Hill, 40, has praised his 12-year-old daughter Charli for coming to his rescue a second time after he had a seizure and collapsed unconscious at his home in Widnes. 

Mr Hill had gone downstairs at 3 am on Monday morning to get a drink when he fell.  Charli woke up when she heard the fall and woke up her mother, Michelle to get help.

Mr Hill, a former chef, told the Runcorn and Widnes World "there is no doubt she saved my life."

"She is so calm and sensible.  I had landed on my face and dislocated my shoulder so I was stuck.

"With fluid on my lungs, I would have suffocated."

This was the second time Charli had come to her father's rescue.  Five months ago, Mr Hill had a seizure in the bathroom and broke his cheekbone.  "I was knocked out," he said.  "Charli has a sixth sense.  She got up and when she couldn't get in the door she woke her mum up. 

"She is a little angel, a lifesaver.  She is amazing."

Mr Hill has had severe epilepsy since he fractured his skull in an accident when he was 11.  His health deteriorated further when he fell of a motorbike when he was 23, leaving him unable to work.