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06 January 2016

Footballer Matt Crooks opens up about his struggle with epilepsy

Accrington midfielder Matt Crooks has opened up about his epilepsy diagnosis in 2014.  The defensive midfielder feared the condition would signal the end of his career but he fought back and found support in former Rangers player Kal Naismith.

He said: “I didn’t really know anything about it (epilepsy) until I came here and ended up living with Kal Naismith.

“We became good friends anyway but we had good chats about it and he made me understand it more because of his situation.”

Naismith’s long-term girlfriend Ashley Dickson died in October as a result of a seizure.

Crooks added: “I’ve only known Kal for six months or so but he’s become one of my closest friends.

“It’s helped both of us in a way to talk about it. The only thing I thought could have caused my fit was flashing lights at the cinema and things like that, but apparently there are loads of different types.

“It’s something that has been there all my life but nothing had ever happened until then. But the doctor said 18-21 was normally when it starts, and that was the case with me.

“They said tiredness and stress caused me to fit.

“Everyone laughed because I never seem to be stressed out.”