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Heroic eight-year-old girl rescues baby brother after mum has seizure in street

A schoolgirl has been hailed a hero after she stopped her baby brother's pram rolling into a busy road when her mum Ellen had an epileptic seizure.


Ruby Barnes, aged eight, sprang into action when her mum Ellen collapsed in Bolton.

Ruby grabbed brother Dexter's pram before it could be hit by a car and used her mum's mobile phone to call for help as she lay at the side of the road.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon as Mrs Barnes was walking Ruby home from school.

Mother-of-three Mrs Barnes said: “This was the first time it has ever happened with no-one around to help me and unfortunately this was also one of the worst fits I have experienced.

"Ruby was just amazing in the way she took control of the situation. We have talked a lot to her about what she needs to do but for her to respond like that was truly amazing.

"If she hadn’t done what she did then the pram would have ended up in the middle of Bury Road and I dread to think of what might have happened.”

Mrs Barnes, who has had epilepsy since she was 11, eventually came round and recovered at her mother's nearby home.

Mrs Barnes said her daughter has been very humble regarding her actions and doesn’t think she did anything special. She said: “For her it is just normal, she keeps saying that she is not a hero because she just wanted to help her mum.

"I asked her how she felt when it happened and she said she was scared and crying on the inside but that she didn’t want me to see that so she tried to be brave.”

Speaking about the incident, Ruby said: “It was really scary and I just wanted to help my mum. She taught me what to do and I am happy that she is ok.”