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29 February 2016

Launch of new drug, Briviact offers a new option for people in the UK with uncontrolled epilepsy

Pharmaceutical company UCB has announced that Briviact®, a branded form of generic antiepileptic drug brivaracetam has been authorised as an add-on treatment for partial onset seizures, with or without secondary generalised seizures, in adults with epilepsy over the age of 16.

In an international Phase three study of 768 participants whose seizures were uncontrolled on their previous medication, brivaracetam was shown to give significant seizure freedom compared with the participants’ usual medication. The drug also offers the benefit of no titration period, an element that 51 per cent of study participants found important.

Epilepsy Society's Medical Director Ley Sander said: "It is always good to have new treatment options for epilepsy. The way that people respond to different drugs is very individual and there can be quite a journey before some people with epilepsy find the drug that gives them optimum seizure control with minimum side effects.

"For some people seizure freedom or a  reduction in seizure frequency and severity can come at a price with unpleasant side effects. All the signs so far are that brivaracetam is well tolerated and it will be helpful to have another epilepsy drug for people to try."