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Leading epilepsy doctor named new chair of School of Pharmacy

Dr Steve White, a leading epilepsy doctor, has been appointed as the new chair of the department of pharmacy at the University of Washington. 

Dr White is a long-serving neurologist and faculty member in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Utah.

“My main [research] there has been epilepsy research and drug discovery for epilepsy,” Dr White said. “That really is my passion, to find better therapies for the 65 million patients worldwide who suffer from epilepsy.”

Dr White’s field of study focuses mainly on the prevention of seizure activity, as he aims to find better treatment for epilepsy. He has been honoured multiple times for his work, most recently in 2014, when he was recognised for his contributions to epilepsy and seizure research with the Epilepsy Foundation’s Lifetime Accelerator Award.  

Dr White was chosen specifically for his knowledge and expertise in the neurosciences, and will help the University of Washington's School of Pharmacy develop “more efficacious and less toxic therapies for the prevention and treatment of epilepsy,” according to a spokesperson for the school.