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11 March 2016

Man hopes to thank women who helped him during an epileptic seizure

Steve Atkin is keen to track down two women who came to his aid after he had a seizure in a street near his home in Exeter.

Mr Atkin, 29, told the Exeter Express and Echo how he had a seizure on Wednesday at around 4.30 pm and was unconscious on the pavement:  "I had been diagnosed with epilepsy last March but it was thought to be nocturnal epilepsy when the seizures come as you are asleep.

"This was the first daytime seizure I had suffered.

"The paramedics who arrived told me later that two women who were passing in a car stopped and pulled over and came to help me.

"They called 999 and waited with me until the paramedics arrived.

"I would love to be able to contact them so I could say how grateful I am that they stopped.

"When you have a seizure like that you are completely out of it and it was so nice to know that there were people watching over me."


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