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Mother praises paramedics after three-year-old son became lifeless in ambulance

Rachel Alexander, 36, praised staff at East of England Ambulance Service Trust who quickly drove her three-year-old son Cobie to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (N&N) where he was treated and diagnosed with epilepsy.

“The paramedics went above and beyond their duty of care, and the way they helped us was amazing,” she said.

Ms Alexander had taken Cobie to the doctor on Friday afternoon because he was unwell.  The doctor who assessed Cobie called a non-emergency ambulance but the boy's condition did not appear to be particularly serious, according to Ms Alexander, as he was laughing and communicating with the paramedics.

Halfway through their journey to hospital however, Cobie appeared to have a seizure and became unresponsive to the paramedic who carried out checks.

“The paramedic was prodding Cobie’s toes and checking his eyes, but Cobie didn’t respond,” Ms Alexander said.

“It wasn’t nice to see and the paramedic could see I was starting to get anxious so he began looking after me too.

“He was absolutely amazing to us both, and after Cobie became unresponsive he helped me stay calm, even when he had to tell the driver to put on the blue lights to get us to hospital quickly.”

Cobie was taken straight to the Jenny Lind Ward at the N&N, where he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

“The paramedics stayed by Cobie’s bed to check he was alright, and afterwards I realised I hadn’t even had the chance to thank them properly,” Ms Alexander said.

“From the staff at the surgery through to the hospital staff, everyone we dealt with was very caring which made such a difference to us.”