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People with epilepsy invited to share seizure data via app for research

Johns Hopkins Medicine has created EpiWatch as an app for Apple Watch and research study tool.

The app helps users manage their epilepsy by tracking their seizures and possible triggers, medications and side effects.  Although the app is not an alarmed seizure detection device, it does allow users to send a message to caregivers to let them know when the user is tracking a seizure.

The EpiWatch allows users to contribute their to  epilepsy research by sharing their personal health and seizure data with Johns Hopkins researchers.  The researchers conducting the study are exploring whether a future app could potentially detect seizures, estimate their duration and contact caregivers, all using Apple Watch.

In order to be considered eligible to participate in the study, users must be at least 16 years old and own an Apple Watch model that is paired with an iPhone running the latest update of iOS.  They must also have had at least one epileptic seizure in the past year and be able to open the EpiWatch app on an Apple Watch at the beginning of at least some seizures in order to perform the tasks needed for the study.