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22 February 2016

Study investigates headaches as epileptic aura

A recent study has shown that headaches are uncommon as an aura in people with epilepsy, occurring in only 0.7 per cent of the patients analysed.

Researchers the Konkuk University School of Medicine in Seoul and College of Medicine in Seoul National University Hospital analysed the data of aura and clinical seizure episodes of 831 patients who undertook video-EEG monitoring. 

For patients who experienced headaches as an aura, information on the detailed features of the headache was gathered, including location, nature, duration and the presence of accompanying symptoms.  Video-recorded clinical seizures, EEG findings and neuroimaging data were used to locate the focus of the seizure in patients.

The study also found that headaches can present as diverse features, including tension-type headache, and migraine-like headache.

Researchers concluded that further studies are necessary to characterize the features of headache as an epileptic aura in adult patients with epilepsy.