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06 January 2016

Study launched to test smartphone app aid to people with epilepsy

New York University School of Medicine is launching a research trial to help people with focal seizures manage their epilepsy with smartphone-based self-management tools.

Participants who have epilepsy will be randomly split into three groups and observed for three months. 

The first group will receive the usual care determined by their doctor, along with printed materials on the management of epilepsy. 

The second group will receive behavioural care via a smartphone app called Management of Risks in Epilepsy (MORE).  MORE allows participants in the study to record information on a daily basis about the severity and type of seizures, medications, and mood and stress levels.  It also includes a camera-based application which uses a pill scanner and photo to record the identity and quantity of medications just before they are taken.  The app also features medication reminders, educational video clips and self-management tips.

In addition to the MORE application, participants in the third group will receive a total of four motivational interviewing sessions over the phone.  These sessions will last approximately 20 minutes each and will build on the educational materials already provided by the MORE app.

The trial, which begins this month is due to yield its first results into the effectiveness of smartphone use for self-management in February 2017.


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