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Video goes viral showing dog greeting owner after epilepsy hospital stay

Kerrigan Renniegade filmed partner Mark O'Neill, who has epilepsy, returning home to their rescue dog, Patch, who was overwhelmed with excitement.

The clip went viral and has attracted more than seven million views since being uploaded to Facebook by the Scottish SPCA, which originally rescued the Staffordshire bull terrier.

The video shows Mark walking through the door of his home in North Lanarkshire, with Patch unable to contain himself and leaping up into his owner's arms to shower him with licks while wagging his tail uncontrollably.

When Mark eventually puts his besotted pet down, Patch, aged two, jumps up onto the sofa and launches himself into his embrace for a second time.

Mark, 27, had been at UCL Hospital in London from Sunday to Friday undergoing video EEG monitoring for five days. 

Mark has had epilepsy since he was seven, and his seizures vary in type and quantity.  "Sometimes I have just one, other times they come in clusters, but they usually happen every day", he said. Mark takes three different medications to help with his condition, but none of them has managed to control his seizures, leaving him unable to work.

Ms Renniegade told Mail Online that Patch intuitively knows when Mark is ill or about to have a seizure and even goes to lie on top of him.

She said Patch was left heartbroken when Mark went to London, so she decided to film his return.

'He always gets excited when Mark pops to the shops and comes home, but this was completely different', she said. 

'Mark left to go down to London on the Sunday and Patch was off his food by the Tuesday. He didn't understand, we did FaceTime and he heard his voice but he didn't know what was going on and would let out a little cry.'

Mark told Epilepsy Society he was "ecstatic" to receive such a loving welcome from his four-legged friend.