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05 January 2016

Young mum praises bus driver for helping during epileptic seizures

A young mum has praised a bus driver for coming to her aid when she had four epileptic seizures while travelling on the bus with her five-month-old son.

Jacqueline Booth, who has had epilepsy since she was eight, had a seizure on a bus travelling to her home in Garthdee, near Aberdeen.

The 26-year-old was with her baby son Daniel when she fell to the ground and had a seizure. 

She said: “I had about four or five seizures in 10 minutes.

“I want to thank the driver as he stopped the bus. He was right next to me when I was coming to, and him and another person lifted me down from the bus. He was very calm and very polite and so kind.”

Jacqueline also has non-epileptic seizures. These can resemble epileptic seizures, but are often emotional or stress-related in origin.

The young mum said this is the first time she has had a seizure while out with her son.

She added: “The fact I had my son was really terrifying.

 “It’s something he will have to learn and grow up with and something he will have to learn to respond to.

 “There was an elderly couple on the bus and I want to thank them. They were just amazing and they helped out and looked after my son.”

A First Bus spokeswoman said: “We’re proud of the response and support provided by our driver."

“We hope Mrs Booth is feeling better.”

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