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02 February 2015

Pharmacists encouraged to help people get the best from their epilepsy drugs

Pharmacists in England and Wales are being encouraged to make sure that people with epilepsy are getting the best possible outcomes from their anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs).

Epilepsy Society worked with The Royal Pharmaceutical Society on its medicines optimisations briefing for pharmacists and pharmacy teams. The briefing aims to give pharmacists a better understanding of people with epilepsy and ensure that any medication prescribed is clinically appropriate, safe, effective and helps people achieve their goals while fitting in with their lifestyle.

Supporting people with epilepsy

The  medicines optimisations briefing in The Pharmaceutical Journal (30 January), gives pharmacists suggestions on ways they can support people with epilepsy. It also asks them to ensure that people taking AEDs keep a complete patient medication record (PMR), including over-the-counter (OTC) and hospital-only medicines, to better help them advise on drug interactions and side-effects.

Read more about The Royal Pharmaceutical Society's medicines optimisations briefing (opens new window). 

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