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Published: 03 April 2013

Tegretol prolonged release

Some people are currently experiencing problems with their supply of the anti-epileptic drug (AED) Tegretol Prolonged Release .Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK has advised any pharmacists who are having difficulties with obtaining the AEDs to contact Novartis Customer Care on 0845 7419 442 who will arrange for the product to be delivered to the pharmacy on the next working day. 

If patients, or carers, have any questions, then they should call Novartis Medical Information on 01276 698370.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals have issued the following statement:

'There is a supply constraint on Tegretol 200mg and 400mg Prolonged Release tablets. We are working closely with the manufacturing plant to improve immediate supply and we expect stock levels to improve considerably over the next two to three weeks. By managing our existing stock tightly, we are able to ensure that we can supply all urgent requests for these products via Novartis Customer Care during this time.'