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10 October 2014

Tegretol Chewtabs - important information

The pharmaceutical company Novartis has confirmed that it is stopping production of the anti-epileptic drug Tegretol Chewtabs so they will no longer be available. Anyone who is currently taking Chewtabs should not stop taking them but should contact their neurologist or GP for advice.

Tegretol Chewtabs (100mg and 200mg), are a form of the generic drug carbamazepine. Novartis is no longer making the Chewtabs, because it is unable to manufacture the drug to the standard needed and so is discontinuing it. 

Stocks of the 200mg Chewtabs are likely to last until the end of October 2014, and the 100mg Chewtabs  until May 2015.

Tegretol is also available as tablets, suppositories, a liquid, and slow-release tablets. However, Novartis is only stopping production of Tegretol Chewtabs: other versions of Tegretol will not be affected and will still be available.

Important Information if you take Tegretol Chewtabs 

If you currently take Tegretol Chewtabs it is important that you do not suddenly stop taking them. Please contact your neurologist or GP for advice about changing to a different formulation of Tegretol or to another drug. This will depend on what your epilepsy is like and needs to be done in consultation with your epilepsy professional. It is important that any changes to your medication are done with guidance from your doctor.