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2 March 2016

Adele makes surprise visit to bedside of superfan with epilepsy

Singer Adele made a seriously ill girl's dream come true after she paid a surprise visit to her bedside at home in Belfast.

Adele at Rebecca's home

The singer, who was in Belfast for a concert, popped by to visit 12 -year-old fan, Rebecca Gibney who is blind, tube-fed, cannot walk or talk and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The star sat beside Rebecca in her bed and was "so nice", according to the child's mother Tracy Gibney.

Last year Rebecca was given just six months to live but has defied the odds.

Ms Gibney said Rebecca has been listening to Adele for years will smile and try to sing along.

If anyone turns it off, Rebecca goes into a mood, she said.

Because of Rebecca's love for Adele's music, Ms Gibney had started a campaign last year in an attempt to persuade the star to send Rebecca a video message, speak to her over the internet or even meet her.

The singer's manager called her on Tuesday afternoon to say they would be at the house in a hour.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Ms Gibney said: "I am in shock, I got my baby's dream to come true. She was so nice, she could not have been nicer.

"Adele was sat beside her and she was talking to me and my other kid, she was so nice for wee Rebecca. I can not put it into words what it means."

"It's made me feel like I'm the best mummy in the world which I never felt.  Adele told me I was the best mummy in the world too."

Adele also invited Ms Gibney and her other daughter to Tuesday's concert as her guests.