helpline 01494 601 400

after you arrive

Your appointment letter should tell you where to go but if you are at all unsure please check at our main reception in Passmore Edwards House.

On arrival in clinic

Please inform the receptionist who will check you in and let the consultant know of your arrival.

Waiting in clinic

Seating space in our clinics is limited so if you need to have someone to accompany you we kindly ask you to keep this to one or two relatives/friends/carers per patient.  Delays can occur but our staff should always tell you the reason.  If you have a specific reason why waiting is difficult please let us know.  If you feel concerned about your waiting time please speak to the clinic receptionist.

Patients are seen in order of their appointment time, not in order of arrival.

How the clinics work

Each clinic has its own routine and team of medical staff.  If you have any queries or need advice regarding your treatment the clinical staff will be happy to advise you.  If you have any queries about future appointments or transport the clinic receptionist will be pleased to help.

To help you identify staff, ID badges are worn giving each individual’s name and occupation.

Every patient is under the care of a consultant but you may be seen by another doctor in the team or an epilepsy specialist nurse who will discuss your medical condition and treatment with you.

During your consultation

Your doctor and clinical team will make sure you are involved in any discussions or decisions about your treatment.  You are entitled to a clear explanation of your condition and your treatment choices, including any risks or benefits there may be, so please ask if there is anything you are unsure about.

Teaching and research

Epilepsy Society is a major participant in epilepsy research so we may ask your permission for other medical professionals to sit in during your consultation. You do not need to have anyone present if you are worried or uncomfortable with this.  You could also be asked to take part in a research project while you are a patient with us.  We will always ask for your consent and you will be told fully what is involved. You do not have to consent to any research should you prefer not to participate.

Your care will not be affected in any way if you choose not to take part in teaching or research.