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after your appointment

Follow-up appointment

You may need a follow-up appointment after your consultation and the receptionist will arrange this for you before you leave. A letter will be sent to your GP - please let us know if you wish to receive a copy of this letter.


If the doctor decides that you require medication and it is necessary for treatment to start immediately you will be given a prescription for a minimum of two weeks supply from the hospital.  After this time you will need to get a further supply from you GP.  If you are given a prescription you will need to collect this from our on-site pharmacy. Hospital prescriptions cannot be taken to your local chemist.  If you have epilepsy, you are entitled to free prescriptions for your medication. To apply for a medical exemption certificate (or MedEx), you need to fill in form FP92A from your GP.

Should you require a taxi after your appointment please ask the clinic receptionist who will be happy to arrange this for you.