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Andrew's story

Andrew Redhead was born in 1943 but in spite of having epilepsy as a child, he wasn't properly diagnosed until the age of 17. As a result he was often punished at school for his poor attention span, when in fact he was actually experiencing seizures alongside his dyslexia.

Andrew Redhead sailing

Andrew experienced much stigma due to his epilepsy. And side effects from his medication often impacted on his social life and development throughout his teenage years and early '20s.

After a change of medication during his course of treatment at Epilepsy Society, Andrew's health and seizure control improved dramatically and he was able to go back to work full time. His family also received support and information from Epilepsy Society.

His brother Paul said Andrew's gift of a legacy to the Society was his thank you for the medical treatment and support he had received from Epilepsy Society.

"He really appreciated being looked after by people who recognised that his epilepsy was as important and significant in his life as he felt it was."

Andrew’s hope was that his legacy would help drive forward Epilepsy Society's pioneering genomics research, with real hope for better treatments and one day even a cure for epilepsy.

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