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asda (cape hill, birmingham) - epilepsy champion

Big-hearted staff at Asda were nominated Epilepsy Society's ‘epilepsy champions’ by a grateful customer for their kindness when dealing with her epileptic seizures.

Crissi Conboy, of Smethwick, who has uncontrolled epilepsy, has had more than ten seizures whilst out doing her weekly shop at the Cape Hill store in the six years she has been shopping there.

On Thursday 7 October a presentation took place in the shop, off Windmill Lane in Smethwick, to acknowledge the kindness of the staff there.

Jenny Millar, Epilepsy Society's regional manager for Birmingham, and Crissi Conboy presented Asda’s events co-ordinator, Brett Insley, with the ‘epilepsy champion’ certificate.

Crissi said: “My epilepsy is very unpredictable, so I never know when my seizures are going to happen. Sometimes I have simple seizures where I am aware and can see and hear but can’t talk and sometimes I have more complex seizures which affect a bigger part of my brain and cause me to make loud and uncontrolled noises. These seizures can sometimes go on to affect the whole of my brain and when this happens I fall to the floor and shake uncontrollably.

 “It can be very embarrassing to lose control in a public place and the reactions of some people can be, at best upsetting and at worst cruel.

“The Asda staff have always been so kind, compassionate and caring. I can be quite disorientated after a seizure and they always help me to a quiet room, stay with me until I feel okay then call a taxi to make sure I get home safely. I am delighted that my nomination to Epilepsy Society has resulted in an award for them – they really deserve it.”

Jane Gartland, who works at Asda as a customer services manager, said: “We are so pleased to receive this award. We always try to go the extra mile for our customers and it’s great that Crissi thought to nominate us. She’s a lovely lady and we’re pleased that feels safe and comfortable with us when she has one of her seizures.”