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Benefits of art therapy

Art Therapy can provide a dynamic way to make sense of what is personally felt and perceived about controllability of the illness and about the adaption process.

An awareness of coping strategies is vital when living with an acquired chronic condition. Art Therapy provides the person with a shared approach to have a sense of control, combat the associated stress caused and change emotional feelings or impacts on a person’s life.  

Everyone has their own way of reacting when living with a new diagnosis and its demands. Art Therapy supports and encourages a personal physical, emotional and psychosocial meaning when trying to apply some understanding to acquiring a chronic illness and the potential subsequent losses. Using art a person can express difficult feelings, come to terms with events and/or learn to live with the memory of difficult experiences when words alone feel too challenging or painful to describe them. 

Art therapy benefits 

  • The Therapist works sensitively with the person towards communicating and understanding the current thoughts that might be difficult to articulate and enhancing the effectiveness of coping.

  • Working positively towards seeking a clear supported choice where an appraisal of meaningfulness in one’s life can start to unfold.

  • The aim is long term benefit of coping and adjustment strategies by working to relieve associated distress, disengagement or avoidance and resignation to negative self-blame. 

  • This is achieved by working with the Therapist to close the gaps between the associated belief in current control and desired level of quality of life.

  • Working to improve the fundamental need to have a sense of control in ones’ life and provide a realistic but non-judgmental time to realistically accept and adjust to living with a condition despite any imposed limitations in life.

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