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Nursing at Epilepsy Society


29 April 2016


Clinical nurse manager Santha Carthiyaniamma has been working at Epilepsy Society's specialist nursing care home, Queen Elizabeth House in Buckinghamshire, for 13 years. She particularly wanted to work alongside people with epilepsy after her own experience of caring for her daughter who had seizures.

Santha with Andrew at Queen Elizabeth House.

'I have experience in having managed my daughter's seizures. My daughter  was diagnosed with meningitis at eight month old and experienced seizures so I know what it is like having to cope with them. Thankfully, with effective management my daughter got better  and  has  completed her medical degree. She is currently  specialising as a general practitioner.

'As  a mother, a carer and a nurse, I experienced  very difficult situations and was helpless at times. I was supported by kind and expert medical and nursing staff and realised  the value of  reassurance and epilepsy support from them.

‘Since then I decided to focus on my career in epilepsy support.and reassure other families  who may be suffering as I did.

Person-centred care

Santha and Andrew with support worker, Fattima

'I really like the holistic, person-centred care that is offered at Epilepsy Society. Working here is like being part of a family.

'The residents can have communication difficulties and challenging behaviour either caused by their epilepsy, medication, or other neurological conditions. But we manage this by knowing how best to support and understand them.

'Epilepsy Society provides us with all the training and development necessary to support every resident to enjoy a good quality of life. It is very rewarding to see a smile on the face of someone  we care for on a day to day basis. It is privilege for me to work in such a world recognised organisation where all staff are equally valued and where high quality of care is being delivered by staff from different countries with different cultures and beliefs.  

'We all believe in one “goal” to meet the vision and mission of Epilepsy Society.'

Work at Epilepsy Society

You can find out more about working at Epilepsy Society here or call 01494 601300.