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The latest news, views and opinions from Epilepsy Society.

23 October 2014

Louise Glover explains how working on safari with rhinos and cheetahs helped her come to terms with her epilepsy and grow in confidence. 

20 October 2014

Our digital marketing officer, Carl Charlesworth, reviews the premiere of  Electricity the  story of a young woman's struggle with epilepsy.

Publications editor Nicola Swanborough has shoulder length , wavy brown hair and is wearing a red top. She is smiling at the camera.
9 October 2014

Our publications editor Nicola Swanborough explains how a study to identify parts of the brain  used for  language  will benefit those undergoing epilepsy surgery.

Peter Gornall is shown in a black bow tie and dinner jacket during a recent holiday. He is white haired and is smiling tentatively at the camera.
7 October 2014

Retired litigation lawyer Peter Gornall  shares his experience of Epilepsy Society's 2014 annual conference 'Epilepsy: expanding horizons.'

Blogger Richard Atterwill is sitting on a sofa. He has short dark hair, frameless glasses and is wearing a casual light blue shirt with  white patterning
6 October 2014

Richard Atterwill has seizures both day and night. He asks why there isn't more support for people with epilepsy in the evenings and at weekends.

Cosima Pole and her daughter
23 September 2014

Cosima Pole is championing Epilepsy Society's new women and epilepsy survey. 

Epilepsy Society's pharmacist Eisha Gosrani is pictured in the pharmacy in front of shelves of tablets. She is smiling and wearing a bright blue top.
20 August 2014

Epilepsy Society's pharmacist, Eisha Gosrani talks about why she loves her job.

A young Professor Ley Sander is pictured on the right, beside a colleague. He is wearing a white overall and has thick dark hair and a beard.
12 June 2014

As World Cup fever takes over, our boy from Brazil, medical director Professor Ley Sander, right, reflects on how a seizure in the street kick started a lifelong interest in epilepsy. 

Tim Wright is leaning against a rustic door. He has short, dark hair swept back off his face and is wearing black-rimmed glasses and a white open-necked shirt.
15 May 2014

Tim Wright explains how his love for  girlfriend Jasmine far outweighs any challenges posed by her epilepsy.

School teacher Tim Pitman is wearing a purple t-shirt which says 'Keep calm I have epilepsy'. He is also wearing a safety helmet as he is  about to go abseiling.
24 April 2014

School teacher Tim Pitman has epilepsy and he doesn't mind who knows. He tells all through his purple t-shirt and his purple prose.


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