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Epilepsy Society residents ski using a sit-ski
3 April 2018

Professor Matthias Koepp is training to be an adaptive snowsport instructor so that he can share the thrill of the slopes with the residents at Epilepsy Society.

Princes to Kings band
5 March 2018

Princes to Kings are playing their first headline show in London for Epilepsy Society this Purple Day weekend. They were inspired to form their band by their eldest sibling, Luke, who has a severe form of epilepsy.

Emma Friedmann attends the parliamentary debates
27 February 2018

Emma Friedmann is a parent carer of her 19 year old son who has fetal valproate syndrome. In February 2018, she attended parliament when the government announced their decision to review handling of concerns around sodium valproate.


Adam Franks playing ice hockey
9 February 2018

Adam Franks describes how, with the help of his neurologist, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional ice hockey player, in spite of his epilepsy.

Clare Pelham is wearing a red skirt and light blue shirt. She has a brown bob and is standing, thoughtful, in her office
6 February 2018

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham explains why mothers who have campaigned relentlessly about equality in women's health, are her inspiration as we celebrate #VotesforWomen

Sharon Ross is at the top of a hill, wearing a purple hat and red glasses.
2 February 2018

Sharon Ross is trying the ketogenic diet in an attempt to control her seizures.  In her third blog she updates us on how she is getting on.

ILAE new seizure classification
24 January 2018

Our Education, Information and Support Services Manager, Andree Mayne, explains the new seizure classifications announced by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

Clare Pelham is resting her chin on her hand and looking pensively away from the camera. She is wearing a purple top.
8 January 2018

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham looks back over the year, at the highs and - sadly - a very snowy low.

Finn sits on a lifeguard chair in front of windows and a tiled wall looking straight ahead
13 December 2017

Kay was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2011 and has tonic clonic seizures. She had a seizure in the pool at her Aqua Fit class when her lifeguard, Finn, saved her life.

Georgie Alice Moments album cover shows Georgie smiling against a backdrop of trees with her name, the album title and Epilepsy Society logo
30 November 2017

After life changing surgery to treat epilepsy, pianist Georgie Alice has released an album, "Moments", that is raising funds for Epilepsy Society


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