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The latest news, views and opinions from Epilepsy Society.

PhD research student Katrin Augustin with children Emma and Aaron and hens.
24 May 2016

Postgraduate research student Katrin Augustin talks about studying for a PhD while bringing up two young children.

Our policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer-Cunliffe is wearing a dark jacket and an open-necked shirt.
23 May 2016

Epilepsy Society's policy advisor Finn O’Dwyer-Cunliffe says that epilepsy services are suffering from a lack of ambition from the department of health and that this must change if outcomes are to improve.

Epilepsy Society Helpline manager Christine Brock standing beside a tree.
13 May 2016

Epilepsy Society Helpline manager explains how it can help to talk about epilepsy and really be listened to.

Clinical nurse manager  Santha Carthiyaniamma is looking after resident, Andrew.
29 April 2016

Clinical nurse manager, Santha Carthiyaniamma, explains why she loves working at Epilepsy Society. 

Liz Kemsley and her mum
21 April 2016

Liz Kemsley and her 81-year-old mother ran the marathon for Epilepsy Society in 2016. Liz discusses why she decided to run the marathon for her son Luke, her struggles with training and her amazing fundraising efforts. 

Our policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer is wearing a dark jacket and open-necked shirt. He is smiling at the camera.
8 April 2016

Last Month, Epilepsy Society launched a political campaign to end avoidable premature deaths in epilepsy. Our policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer explains why he feels encouraged by the response but still thinks more should be done by our Government.

Rachel Cheffy in Epilepsy Society cycle top cycling in RideLondon 2015
8 April 2016

Rachel Cheffy talks about cycling RideLondon 2015 for Epilepsy Society.

6 April 2016

Olivia Rzadkiewicz looks at how the Epilepsy Society site has changed over the years

5 April 2016

Olivia Rzadkiewicz explores Epilepsy Society's history of fundraising

Our policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer is wearing a dark jacket and open-necked shirt. He is smiling at the camera.
16 March 2016

Finn O'Dwyer explains why a new national clinical audit is needed for epilepsy.


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