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How you can donate your car to raise money for Epilepsy Society


9 December 2016

Epilepsy Society content manager Nicola Swanborough explains how she raised money for Epilepsy Society by donating her old car via the online charity Giveacar.

I have recently donated my car to Epilepsy Society via Giveacar, a not-for-profit social enterprise that turns your old car into cash for charity. It was a bit of an old banger, so I'm afraid the gesture was greater than the gift. After Giveacar's admin fees had been taken into account (25 per cent plus VAT), Epilepsy Society received the princely sum of £25.65.

Several people have asked me the same two questions: firstly, did I feel sentimental about sending the car for scrap; and secondly, was it worth it?

Prior to the car being picked up, I said I was definitely not sentimental about it going. I said I was not a car person and felt no emotional attachment. It was simply a means of getting from A to B. Then the scrap merchant turned up, hoisted my car onto the tow bar and my eyes welled up.

Watching my faithful, if unreliable, car being towed away brought home the enormity of just how devastating it must be for anyone with epilepsy who has to rescind their driving licence due to seizures. 

Car dependency

Our society is built around our cars. We depend on them for getting to work, shopping at out-of-town malls, socialising, accessing services, transporting children and the list goes on.

A bus pass may be some compensation but only if you're lucky enough to live in a city where there is a viable service. And if you live in an area that is enlightened enough to allow you to use your pass before 9am. If not, it's rubbish.

Seizure control

For anyone with seizures, not being able to drive is huge. Many people with controlled seizures say that one of the key reasons they take their medication regularly is the fear of losing their licence should they have a breakthrough seizure.

So was donating the scrap value of the car worth it? Absolutely. £25.65 may be a drop in the ocean, or in the petrol tank, but if it goes in any small way to helping researchers here, at Epilepsy Society, understand more about seizures and more importantly stopping them, then my rusty old banger has gone to a good cause.

I don't like to think of it being crushed into an unrecognisable pile of maroon-coloured metal but I would like to think that one day we'll nail epilepsy and the open road will be there for everyone.

How to donate your car

You can find out how to donate your car to raise money for Epilepsy Society at Giveacar.