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24 March 2016

Campaigners set to turn the world Purple

give hope this purple day, text PDAY26 £4 TO 70070

Seen as the international day for epilepsy, Purple Day, is celebrated on 26 March each year. This year epilepsy supporters will be marking the event on the Easter weekend. By turning the world purple for just one day critical funds will be raised and awareness generated for epilepsy.

Purple Day was not created by a large NGO or other body, it was created by a young girl from Canada, Cassidy Megan. Back in 2008 she established the day because she wanted people to better understand the condition and assure people with epilepsy that they weren't alone. Since then Purple Day has become a global event with many landmarks being lit up with purple lighting, this year that even includes the fountains at Trafalgar Square in London from 7pm to 11pm on Saturday.

This year Epilepsy Society has been inundated with fundraisers requesting Purple Day packs to organise their own event. Purple Day is looking like being bigger and better than ever before and raising even more funds to improve the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

Whilst it may be too late to host your own fundraising event it's not too late to take part. So this Saturday wear something purple and make a donation by text message, Text PDAY26 £4 to 70070

Your donation will enable Epilepsy Society to continue to support those with epilepsy. For example, £4 will be sufficient enough to send out two Just Diagnosed packs. These packs provide specific information for the newly-diagnosed which will be of great support to those individuals and their families at this critical time.