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19 August 2015

Celebrating health workers worldwide

On World Humanitarian Day, 19 August, the WHO (World Health Organization) wants to honour health workers worldwide, who dedicate their lives to working in public health. This year's theme is #sharehumanity and on this day Epilepsy Society wants to recognise our care staff who show compassion and commitment to their work in our care homes.

Celebrating our care staff

Ian Henry - manager of care home Morton House

Ian came to Epilepsy Society from Liverpool as a Community Service Volunteer in his late teens and has been part of our charity ever since. Ian shows passion and commitment to the residents for whom he is responsible. He is a constant advocate for their rights as individuals and will actively support their absolute right to make choices. His experience and ability to model respect and dignity to his staff brings a sense of security and confidence to the residents.

Here's a video of Ian discussing why he works in social care:


Lynda Ball – service administrator of care home Greene House

Lynda joined the Green House team in 2009 following several years of being part of the personnel department. She brought a lot of experience and skills to Epilepsy Society which she uses to support the team.

Lynda is always happy to help others and goes the extra mile in supporting the house, residents and staff. She is always volunteering to help with our events, parties and organising holidays for residents.



Monika Ceitel – activities coordinator of care home Greene House

Monika came from Poland and joined Epilepsy Society in 2008 as a support worker in one of the houses. Soon Monika became activity coordinator where she had an opportunity to use her skills and knowledge gained during her studies.

Monika plays an important role in the care home, she always puts the residents first and makes sure they achieve their goals. She organised many events and days to remember, including our Sponsored Walk for Greene House and a fashion show which enabled us to create our garden and buy garden furniture for Greene House residents.

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