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challenging stigma

Information about our campaign to challenge stigma and improve public perceptions of epilepsy.

How we’re challenging stigma

Research we carried out into public understanding of epilepsy has shown a disappointing lack of awareness. (Read the epilepsy awareness survey results (pdf, 210kb).) We have pledged to tackle public awareness of epilepsy head on.  Here are just a few of the ways we are working to challenge stigma about epilepsy:

  • Our stigma 'summit' in November 2013 brought together leaders in the world of epilepsy to discuss ways to tackle stigma.  Watch videos from the stigma summit
  • As part of National Epilepsy Week we produced 'the many faces of epilepsy’ showing that epilepsy can affect people of all ages and backgrounds
  • We advised Coronation Street about an ongoing storyline which is bringing epilepsy into millions of living rooms
  • Together with our stigma champions we have made a series of inspiring videos, in which our stigma champions share how epilepsy has affected them and how they've overcome challenges

Help challenge stigma

You can challenge stigma too. Here are some ideas to help you raise awareness about epilepsy and crush myths, fear and discrimination.

  • Share our stigma champion videos with your friends
  • Join us on Facebook where you can show your support for the campaign
  • Share experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #StopEpilepsyStigma
  • Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to download our free smartphone app. It contains first aid tips and information about epilepsy.
  • Know your rights – our epilepsy charter states that you have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and to not be discriminated against
  • Share your story. Email to tell us your experiences

Campaign news

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