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5 April 2019

Chick it out! Chicks arrive in Russell House

Easter came early for residents at Epilepsy Society when seven multi-coloured fluffy chicks hatched out.

The eggs were brought to Russell House at the charity's Chalfont Centre on Purple Day, the international day for Epilepsy (26 March). The chicks started hatching out within a few days.

Some of the chicks that have hatched

The residents who have epilepsy and associated learning difficulties, were able to watch many of the chicks arrive into the world and have been caring for and playing with them ever since.

Chick Watch

Staff and residents set up a 'Chick Watch' checklist to make sure that the chicks were looked after at all times and have enough food and water.

Residents and staff have named the chicks after Russell House and its residential flats. The first-born chick was named Russell with Woody, Holly, Hedge and Meadow following shortly after.. The final two chicks are called Sunny and Bee.

A resident at Russell House enjoying holding the chicks

The chicks came from a company called 'Incredible Eggs' which are based all around the UK. They supply 'chick kits' which are eggs that are a mix of breeds and colours from free-range flocks.

Some of the funds for this came from a cake sale which was held earlier in the year which raised £120.

Sense of community

Sam Shears, Russell House's Activity Coordinator, said: "The arrival of the chicks in Russell House have demonstrated a real sense of community in Russell House. The residents help to look after them and they feel a sense of responsibility in doing so".

Sam Shears, Activity Coordinator at Russell House

New beginnings

The chicks have now been re-housed in their permanent home. The new owners have connections to one of the residents in the care home, so when the resident goes home to visit their family, they can view the chicks and see how they are getting on.

Claire Glazebrook, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and External Affairs at Epilepsy Society and who went to see the chicks just before they left, said: "It's lovely that residents  have helped bring the chicks into the world. Although the residents and staff were sad to see them go, they enjoyed their time looking after the chicks and they're safe in the knowledge that they'll be going to a home where they'll have more space to grow up".

We hope the chicks are will be happy in their new home.