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children with seizures

This is a relaxed and accessible guide to, in the author’s words, “easy-to-control-seizures”.  It takes an overview of epilepsy looking at the medical concepts and terminology alongside some of the emotional and social issues that can make epilepsy a challenge to live with.  Written by an American author, some terminology is at times lost in translation, but overall definitions and examples are clearly explained.  Certain chapters in the book are specifically written for children to read with their parents (with guidance notes for parents outlined at the beginning of the chapter) and for teenagers to read themselves.  In places writing for very different readers leaves the book feeling like it’s trying too hard to be something to everyone, and the tone of the “kids” section edges on patronising at times. On the whole though this is an engaging and easy read which may help families and carers understand epilepsy as being more than having seizures.