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Christmas Lifeline Appeal

"My Christmas plea to you – please can you help keep a lifeline going?" Rev Bob Mayo

"As a person who lives with epilepsy as his constant companion Christmas is a time when I am thankful for the presence of the Epilepsy Society helpline. Many a time I have been glad of its listening ear and reassuring voice to help me to make sense of the kaleidoscope of colours that are left in the aftermath of a generalized seizure.

As a church minister I am doubly aware of the importance of the helpline at this time of year. Christmas is a difficult time of year for many. People feel isolated at Christmas, especially those with epilepsy who may be fearful of going out of the house or who can’t drive to visit friends and family.



The helpline offers a listening ear and a calm voice to reassure them and listen to anything that seems important at the time. Sometimes this may well be a stream of consciousness that might not make much sense in the aftermath of a seizure. With your generosity they will be able to have someone listening on the end of the helpline offering understanding and reassurance.Christmas Lifeline Appeal

Let our Christmas gift to each other be a commitment to maintain the helpline so that others have someone to reach out to when the days are at their darkest and it feels like there’s nobody listening.

The Epilepsy Society helpline costs £40 per hour to run and it relies on donations to continue. This vital resource is needed to ensure that people aren’t left feeling isolated and alone. The helpline was there for me when I needed it. Please help to make sure that it is there for others too.

Thank you for any gift you are able to give."

Reverend Bob Mayo

Vicar of the Church of St Stephen & St Thomas, Shepherd’s Bush


Thank you for helping to keep the helpline open for people throughout the year