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annual conference 2016

Epilepsy Society's annual conference took place on 12th March 2016 at Westminster Central Hall, London. We welcomed over 200 delegates from all around the country to a day dedicated to learning about epilepsy.

Our speakers included Epilepsy Society chair, Helen Pernelet, Professor Sanjay Sisodiya, Professor Ley Sander, Dr Fergus Rugg-Gunn, and the BBC's Colin Grant who was chairing the conference.  They spoke on a variety of subjects from developments in epilepsy science, to mapping epilepsy services and SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy).

Watch our catch up videos for a full recap of each presentation.

SUDEP Past, present & future

Understanding the risk factors around SUDEP - sudden unexpected death in epilepsy. 

Managing AED treatment

Epilepsy Society’s Medical Director Professor Ley Sander has urged the need for a new treatment model for epilepsy.

Improving NHS epilepsy sevices

Juliet Ashton, Sapphire Nurse Consultant for epilepsy, speaks on measures to improve services for epilepsy in the NHS. 

Epilepsy and me

Jasmine Smith talks about how epilepsy has changed her life and the incredible journey she has been on.

Developments in epilepsy science

Professor of neurology Sanjay Sisodiya, spoke on developments in epilepsy science.