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coping with epilepsy in children

The author is a freelance writer and journalist specialising in health and parenting.

The book’s great introduction summarises how a child’s life may be affected by a diagnosis and living with epilepsy. It is written with a relaxed tone and is ‘unstuffy’, easy to read and learn from. Although the book is aimed at parents, it would help anyone who wants to learn more about epilepsy without being bamboozled by jargon and medical terms. The book’s chapter on SUDEP is very frank, but it deals with the subject well, allowing people to put their own level of risk into perspective. The book also looks at social life, relationships and sex lives – issues that young people with epilepsy may have worries or insecurities about. Throughout the book there are parents’ stories which help to put epilepsy into context – they show that life goes on after a diagnosis of epilepsy and that with support, people can get control back into their lives.