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daily living and mobility activities

Information about the daily living and mobility activities that form part of your PIP assessment criteria.

About whether you can prepare and cook a simple meal.

About physically feeding yourself, and eating and drinking.

About taking medication or managing any treatment at home.

About your ability to keep clean, and use a non-adapted bath or shower.

About your ability to manage going to the toilet.

About your ability to dress and undress with non-adapted, suitable clothing.

About speaking, being understood, listening and understanding.

About understanding written or printed information.

About how you get on with other people, behaving appropriately and understanding other people's behaviour.

About making everyday decisions on spending and managing your money.

About planning and following a journey.

About physically moving around and being able to stand up and walk.

Taken from our factsheet PIP - the assessment criteria. Download this factsheet using the link below.